It is well said by Helen Keller an American Author, “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence”.

As 2016 narrowly comes to a close I admit it is time to count our blessings, year 2016 started with a resounding note and much has been achieved although to some people year 2016 resolutions are still untouched. The launch of the Diocesan Parish and Institutions Finance manual came as a historic milestone for the Diocese through the Finance department. The document is meant to uniformly operationalize finance related matters in Parishes and institutions. This bodies need is called to align them-selves to it for ease of diocesan operations.

Year 2016 also saw the Bishop together with the Christians launch the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan in August, another milestone drawing a bright future for the Diocese. Parishes and Institutions are called to consult this document and realign their activities with the broader vision of the Diocese.

I cannot fail to recognize the level of effort and ownership that has been exhibited by our Christians, tremendously on annual operations; we have seen internal funds increase while the donor funds continue to dwindle.

Going back to our family day col-lection which leads in funding diocesan pastoral and development activities, in year 2015 we were able to fund 51% and increase from 48 % in 2104 and 39% in 2013. Other than the social investments established by the Diocese, the diocese is planning to venture into com-mercial business with investments such as filling station, shopping facilities and hospitality industry visualizing itself within the strategic plan.

Diocesan Collection Committee is one arm that spearheads the family day preparations working handy with the Diocesan Finance Committee.

In the month of October the DCC took a bold move and held zonal dinners in Ngong Deanery. The parties that were held on October 7th Ngong zone, 14th Rongai zone and 22nd in Kajiado zone, attracted hundreds of Christians bringing to reality the unity of purpose. Kudos to all organizers Christians and all partners as well as corporates who supported this endeavor. Hoping the same enthusiasm will be repli-cated next year in other deaneries. Bishop John Oballa who graced Ngong and Nkoroi dinners ex-pressed his joy in the number of Christians who responded in sup-port of year 2017 diocesan and Pastoral activities. The Bishop in his address to Christians said the mission of the church can only be carried out when all are ready to participate.

“This evening gives me a lot of hope for the diocese as there is as-surance of the ownership of our diocese. It gives us an opportunity to realize the diocese has unlim-ited potential and an opportunity to expand vision of ourselves.” 

Said Bishop John Oballa.






Year 2016 the diocese witnessed major milestones in development by launching two important documents; the five year strategic plan and diocesan financial manual.

The 2016-2020 Strategic Plan sets a framework to reorganize our resources and refocus our energy and operations towards a common goal and vision. This collectively calls for sterling stewardship, change of mindset, strategic alignment and management to effectively implement the document.


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