Unfortunately, despite the widespread uptake of community management, the application of this model is by no means problem-free. Even if the community has been trained, even if the water committee has been installed and the operator appointed, communities often struggle with maintaining their water supply services. 

The Catholic Diocese of Ngong Livelihoods office has embarked on a project addressing community managed water projects in Kajiado County, where two water management communities will benefit. The project that is financed by Caritas Switzerland and the Water Integrity Network and supported by the Ministry of Water Kajiado County, is also carried out in Wajir and Marsabit Counties with an aim of training community groups managing small scale water supply systems through an ‘Integrity & Management Toolbox’ over a period of 6-9 months. This will help the leaders manage their small scale water supply systems themselves or partner with professionals (see figure below). 

During this process, they will know their water system better and learn their rights and responsibilities in managing water. The project shall increase the compliance in regard to the current water regulations and improve the functionality and therefore performance in community managed water systems.




Year 2016 the diocese witnessed major milestones in development by launching two important documents; the five year strategic plan and diocesan financial manual.

The 2016-2020 Strategic Plan sets a framework to reorganize our resources and refocus our energy and operations towards a common goal and vision. This collectively calls for sterling stewardship, change of mindset, strategic alignment and management to effectively implement the document.


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