A wealth farmer burst into his home one day and cried out in an anguished voice, “Rebecca, there is a terrible story in town- the Messiah is here!” “What’s so terrible in that?” asked his wife. “I think it’s great. What are you so upset about?” “What am I so upset about?” the man exclaimed. “After all these years of sweat and toil we have finally found prosperity. We have a thousand heads of cattle, our barns are full of grain and our trees are laden with fruit. Now we will have to give it all away and follow him.” “Calm down,” said his wife consolingly. “the Lord our God is good.

He knows how much we Jews have always had to suffer. We had a pharaoh, a Haman, a Hitler- always a somebody. But our dear God found a way to deal with them all, didn’t He? Just have faith, my dear husband. He will find a way to deal with the Messiah too.” (de mello, The Prayer of the Frog, p.71). We have been preparing for the last four weeks for a worthy celebration of the birth of Jesus and His second coming in glory. The Messiah is here! Shall we wish God ‘dealt’ with Him and let his birth come and go as we wait for next year’s, or should we renew our lives in the power of Christ by getting rid of whatever obstructs our full experience of his grace and power in each one’s life?

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The Diocese closed the year of the Family in style with 25 couples celebrating their Silver Jubilee and 1 couple celebrating Golden Jubilee.

Bishop John Oballa issued certificates to the couples urging them to remain firm and faithful to their calling as parents.

The Diocesan Finance Administrator Rev. Fr. Anthony Ndungu has commended efforts of the various Diocesan Committees like Diocesan Finance Council, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Parish Councils and all friends of the Diocese, for their tireless efforts in making Diocesan activities a reality through their sacrifices and generosity.The target for year 2013 was 27 Million but we managed to realize 22 Million.


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Psalms 120:4 - "Sharp arrows of the mighty, with coals of juniper."

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